Our Story

A father and son journey to spread the love for Chinese cuisine and empower anyone with the ability to easily craft and enjoy authentic Chinese flavors.

Charles Ouyang


Before immigrating to Canada with his family, Charles Ouyang was a seasoned entrepreneur and once the CEO of the 7th public traded company in China. On his spare times, Charles loves to travel across China to taste local dishes and exchange insights with local chefs. With his years of entrepreneurship experiences and food journeys, Charles discovered a missing market of Chinese cooking sauces in North America from his Canadian friend’s deep fascination and appreciation of authentic Chinese cuisine. However, limited by skills, equipment, and experiences, they are frustrated from unable to recreate these wonderful dishes at home to share with their families.

In North American markets, Chinese cooking sauces tend to be either “Asian inspired” sauces which holds no resemblance to the real deal, or they are base-level ingredients such as soy sauce, oyster sauce, which requires skills and technical know-how to be used properly in dishes. Upon discussing with his son, Will, the two hit it off and begun their endeavour to combine individual Chinese cooking ingredients into “all-in-one” products to enables anyone to recreate authentic Chinese dishes at home.

Having delved into Chinese cooking philosophy, modern western sauce making technologies, and conduct market research of cooking sauces, an opportunity arose for Charles to let go of his companies in China and start Will’s Food Inc. proudly on Canadian soil to produce a wide selection of Chinese cooking sauces.

It is Charles’ dream to enable anyone, regardless of cooking skills, to be able to recreate restaurant level authentic Chinese dishes at home and appreciate its wonderfulness at ease.

Will Ouyang


Will is an Aerospace engineer turned chef.

Will begun his engineering studies at McGill University in Montreal over a decade ago. Like every broke and self-sustaining student, he finds himself eating terribly all the time and had to start cooking for himself and his roommates in order to cut cost and satisfy their need for proper food. This later evolved into Will hosting house parties on a weekly basis to share his culture and bring people together especially during the harsh winters of Montreal. Which gradually became quite popular that at one point he was cramming over 50 people in his place at once because everyone just loves Chinese food.

Recognizing the demand, Will joined a few good friends in opening up an Asian Fusion restaurant in Montreal, started from a small 10-table stall and growing into a two-floor bar restaurant in 3 years.

As a Chef, Will noticed that one reason why Chinese food is SO HARD to get right is because the Chinese ingredients are only limited to BASE-level ingredients such as soy sauce, oyster sauce, fermented bean paste, etc., which rely very much on the personal knowledge and skill of the chef.

Take soy sauce for example, the proper way to extract its full flavor is to drizzle around the perimeter of a wok so that as it travels down to the ingredients, the alcohol content evaporates to give off its aroma, while the rest caramelizes and gets incorporated into the dish. Likewise, nearly every single ingredient used in Chinese cooking requires the right temperature, the right technique, the right time, and more often than not, even the right equipment like a fire-breathing wok station in order to extract its full flavors.

After graduation, Will left the restaurant industry and delve into the aerospace industry to work on jet engines. However, there is always an itch for him to go back into the food industry and especially if it means to help simplify Chinese food for everyone and allow more people to enjoy its intricate flavors. When Will’s idea collided with Charles’ passion and observation, they quickly realized that there is a gap in the market for Authentic All-In-one Chinese cooking sauces. Which is quite strange because such products does exist for most other cuisines like Japanese, Indian, Thai, etc.

Thus in 2020, Will and his father started their company. And after years of testing, benching against restaurants, setting up production, obtaining all the licenses, they are able to bring their lines of sauces to market.

And now, for the first time ever in North America, All-In-One Chinese cooking sauces with authentic flavors has arrived!